Currently only in the San Francisco Bay Area!

Steam It Gone’s dry vapor cleaning systems allow you to clean your place from top to bottom chemical-free using the disinfecting power of dry vapor.

We offer the industrial strength dry vapor steam cleaner Ladybug XL2300 w/TANCS Technology for your convenience.

The Ladybug XL2300T is available for RENT - SALE - or for  CLEANING SERVICES provided by our trained technicians.


The Ladybug is ideal for reducing asthma and allergy symptoms, for those with multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS), or anyone who wants to do an amazing job cleaning with just tap water – No chemicals Needed!

Be Green – our dry vapor steam cleaners are eco-friendly.

Try the Ladybug Steam Cleaner for one or more FULL DAYS and be amazed with the results and benefits!!!

We offer Free Delivery within 20 miles of Albany, CA.


Standard Rental Kit

$55 for one day

Basic kit for

couches, carpets, windows,

and hard surfaces

Premium Rental Kit

$65  for one day

Full kit for

detailing, grout cleaning, crevices,

stoves and ovens


Rent one now!

*We rent and provide steam cleaning services in the San Francisco Bay Area ONLY. We sell Ladybug Steam Cleaners Nationwide.

Please visit our store to order additional supplies to use during your rental.

In addition to helping those with asthma, dog allergies and cat allergies, and chemical sensitivity, this machine is ideal for contractors, those with compromised immune systems, disinfecting nurseries for your newborn, pest control, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, cleaning all types of flooring, grout cleaning, black mold abatement, bathroom mold and mildew, and much much more!

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