Use Dry Steam to kill Weeds 1

blackberry thorns This may seem a bit of a stretch but here’s the deal: there are certain weeds that are so deeply rooted that it seems impossible to really kill them. I have a blackberry bush in my back yard that blocks the entrance to the yard from the side gate. I let it grow one year to see if the berries are worth it. It wasn’t. I harvested a couple of handful of berries but sustained scarring injuries every time I tried to clear my yard.

I read somewhere that one should cut the bottom off of a water bottle, surround the weed root with it, burying the cut rim of the bottle deep into the ground, then pour boiling water into the bottle so that the heat is isolated to the root area. Well, the same goes for using the Steam it Gone dry steamer, only it’s hotter, doesn’t require boiling water and you can hold that steam release button for a very long time, ensuring the demise of that nasty weed. In fact, the manufacturer sells a weed killing attachment that basically looks like the the top three quarters of a large water bottle only the spout attaches to the steamer hose.

This is just an FYI post. If you find yourself renting the Steam it Gone steam cleaner, after you finish your projects, you can take it to the back yard with an extension chord and work on those impossible weeds that you spend way to much time cutting back every year. You will find yourself relieved of that chore after one good steaming. Since plastic bottles will wilt under the extreme heat of a dry steamer, I recommend using the more durable clear plastic bottles, such as a Gatorade bottle, or a metal funnel if you have one around the house. If this becomes a popular use for the Steam it Gone steam cleaner, I will certainly be sure to carry some weed killing attachments for customers who request them.

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